TTC Journey

2009- Speak with future husband about when we are going to have kids. Future husband very clucky. I didn't want to start trying till we were married (Hint-you need to propose)
2010- Engaged and very excited about daydreaming about 2011 and being pregnant and having a baby.
Jan 2011- Married
Feb 11- First month of BCP. Freaked out a little bit. But excited about trying.
March 11- No sign of AF. Go to doctors.
April 11- Ultrasound reveals no issues. AF arrives mid April.
May-July 11- AF makes random appearances.
August 11- Go to Natropath to seek advice about sorting stuff out naturally.
September 11- Hello AF where are you? 7 week cycle.
October 11- See Gyno- who gives me a HSG test. Try to book test but too late in cycle
Mid-ish October 11- Randomly take HPT and get a BFP!!!! YAY!!! Spotting on and off
Nov 11-  The Funeral Day 1- don't feel pregnant
             Day 2- Fly overseas for family funeral
            Day 3/4- Somewhere in the sky get red blood
            Arrive in Ireland- strong cramps standing in grieving relatives kitchen
           Visit doctor next day-confirms miscarriage. Gives me a letter in case symptoms get worse and I need to go to hospital
End of Nov 11- 28 day cycle. First ever.
 Dec 11- 2nd 28 day cycle. Very stressed over M/C and work. Trying a bit to hard emotionally. Although not trying
Jan 12- Extreme pain in ovary. Not near ovulation time. 5 week cycle
Feb 12- 5 week cycle. A week of spotting beforehand. Ovary pain.
March 12- Ovary pain. Blood tests show low progestrone. NO pcos. Possible thyroid issues. Husband possible sperm issues.
See new RE- says to wait a few more months and then come back.
April 12- AF- up to 6 week cycle and counting. Start Acupuncture. Off to see previous Gyno for more tests
May 12- Another 6 week cycle....
June 12- All tests come back reason for the loooooooooooooong cycles

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  1. Hi from ICLW! Your cycles sound a lot like mine...long, but no diagnosed PCOS. Like you, I also started acupuncture and was also asked to not drink cold water (very difficult)! I got fed up with the long cycles and had my doc put me on Femara. I used to ovulate on day 27/28 and now I am down to a respectable 16/17 with the meds! I am not sure if they have that available in Australia, but you might want to check it out. Best of luck to you. I hope that the acu helps you!