Connecting with other Australians

It is sometimes nice to connect with people who live in the same country as you. Below is a list of blogs, vlogs and people on Twitter that are TTC and live in Australia.
Breathe Gently- Sydney- 2nd round of IVF also a teacher.
Not all Dreams are Free- 1st round of IVF-Melbourne
What Violet Did Next- About to embark on 1st round of IVF- Sydney
The Path to Parenthood via IVF etc - A QLD gal who is exploring donor egg (I think) Twitter link here
Crazy Lady Ramblings- A Western Australia gal who is looking into foster care having done donor egg (I think)
BrookieLogan- A Sydney gal looking at donor IVF in Crete or Greece. Blog link here

OurJourney11- Sydney-also a teacher. Just going through the testing phase.
It’sMyTurnNow 85- QLD- Sorry I can’t remember where they are upto
Places to buy OPK of Pregancy tests Thanks to OurJourney11 for this site. SUPER cheap tests. I have bought from these guys. Cheap enough, delivered quickly and discreetly.

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